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Ozone Generators [Landing]

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Ozone Generators 

O3M: we are manufacturers of high quality Ozone Generators in full compliance with international production standards. Our ozone generators for environments and water are designed and manufactured to always obtain the best results at low cost.

The power of Ozone Generators O3M 

Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Ozone reduces the possibility of transmission of the virus, killing it on all surfaces, even the most hidden ones.

Sterilize and Sanitize

Bacteria, viruses, germs and parasites normally undermine the environments in which we live: ozone has the property of acting in the air or water, sterilizing and sanitizing thoroughly.


The Ozone generators are also designed and optimized for the hygiene and deodorization of recreational vehicles, caravans and boats.

Why use an Ozone generator? 


Industrial and domestic ozone generators to sanitize, disinfect and deodorize. Suitable for all environments and sectors, even the most difficult to deal with and the most difficult situations to solve with the help of traditional solutions.

Generatore Ozono 03M Maino


For the hygiene management of swimming pools, spas, tanks, for the systematic elimination of legionella and many other elements such as: bacteria, viruses, protozoa and biofilms.

Generatore di Ozono per acqua

Cars and Caravans

Treatments to air and water in direct current provide adequate support of deodorization and sanitization, effectively penetrate the fibers of the fabrics and do not pollute the environment.

Generatore di ozono per auto

Why buy from a manufacturer?

O3M, today one of the few manufacturers of ozone generators to produce entirely in Italy, was founded in 1984 as a specialized unit of Maino Industries in the production of ozone generators, with the aim of creating a sanitation system with less environmental impact, to be used in place of the disinfection with Formaldehydes which has always been used in the poultry sector.

Quick Assistance

Our Technicians guarantee rapid intervention times and remote diagnosis to discover any problems in advance and intervene promptly.

Update & Build-Up

As manufacturers, we always offer the possibility of expanding the equipment and management systems, without having to completely replace them.

Fast Production

The utmost respect for production times from order to delivery to ensure installations in a short time and the start of productivity without delays.

Contact us

Our sales team is at your disposal to help you choose the domestic or industrial ozone generator that best suits your needs. 

ATTENTION: to help our team respond quickly to your inquiry,

enter in the message SQUARE METERS and HEIGHT of the environment to be sanitized.

The data provided will be processed by means of IT tools in order to follow up on your request.

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