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Sars CoVid-19


Since Italy entered the CoVid-19 emergency, radio, TV, web and other communication channels have spoken of ozone as a valid and alternative natural element for daily environmental sanitation.

On May 15th 2020, for the first time in the world, Japan published a scientific study conducted at the Nara Prefectural University of Medicine, announcing that the substance “Pure Ozone” has a sterilizing effect useful against CoVid-19 infection.

In the laboratory, following the exposure of a culture of CoVid-19 to a certain amount of ozone generated in-situ, it was confirmed that the infectivity of the virus was reduced to practically zero.

The purpose of the experiment was to demonstrate the effectiveness of a type of disinfection that required less time and effort than manual cleaning methods using alcohol or disinfectant products.

The study’s conclusions show that ozone can inactivate 99,999% of viruses and that the new coronavirus can also be inactivated under normal ozone disinfection conditions.

Even in the face of this umpteenth official declaration by a prestigious foreign university institution, both ISS and the Ministry of Health still do not recognize the sanitizing efficacy of pure ozone against CoVid-19. We then ask ourselves, what is the Italian state waiting for to conduct appropriate checks, confirming with scientific attestation the veracity or otherwise of the information disclosed by Japan?

November 30th 2020 Even the University of Padova confirms, Pure Ozone knocks down Covid to 99,98%

What is pure ozone?

  • Pure ozone is one of the strongest and most efficient oxidants ever present in the atmosphere surrounding the earth, it is an element that cannot be done without (without ozone there would be no life on earth) it is completely natural and with a very simple structure.
  • The pure ozone molecule is born from the union of 3 pure oxygen atoms, the same oxygen that all living beings on earth breathe.
  • The international scientific committee has conducted researches to explain what it is, giving to pure ozone: energy value, specific weight, chemical formula, etc. and with these data he never stated that ozone is heavier than air and that it ends up on the ground; unfortunately that is the typical statement of unprepared technicians (internet graduates) who do nothing but add confusion and uncertainty.
  • The international Scientific Literature specifies that modest concentrations of pure ozone are required to sanitize environments, structures and rooms with the presence of viruses and bacteria and that, with only 0,6 ppm for no less than 60 minutes, the inhibition of pathogens is such as to guarantee the permanence of living beings in total safety.
  • The ISS reports for the COVID-19 emergency no.25 and no.56 list among the various elements (such as chlorine, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc.) indicated for the sanitation of environments, objects and materials, also pure ozone.

How does pure ozone act?

  • Pure ozone is one of the components of the atmosphere and, unlike aerosol products that do not float in the air (cold fog, atomization, etc.), it reaches everywhere and penetrates without problems into any crevice, into the fibers of the fabrics and reaches the most hidden, unthinkable, unreachable and difficult, otherwise impossible to treat places, even behind wardrobes and drawers, just like air.
  • Any atomized aerosol spray product is always composed of drops heavier than air that tend to fall towards the ground, losing effectiveness without reaching where pure ozone can reach.
  • The pure ozone molecule is extremely unstable, once obtained it tends to split rapidly, losing one of the three atoms that bind with the sensitive elements present in the air, in water and on all surfaces.
  • During splitting, the energy released changes the element involved by oxidation and the composition O3 simply returns atomic oxygen O- and molecule O2.
  • The single atom O- free radical remains such for a few thousandths of a second then immediately binds with any other atom O- returning to be an O2 molecule, all without any environmental impact but also without any type of bond with other elements and substances.
  • In essence, pure ozone does the exact opposite of what all the chemical compounds used for hygiene and cleaning do, which bind with organic compounds and generate other problems.
  • The elements most susceptible to the action of pure ozone are: Viruses, Bacteria, Spores, Molds, Cysts, Protozoa, Algae and Fungi which are reduced and eradicated by hyper-oxidation obtaining a full and total disinfection and sanitation.

Is pure ozone safe?

  • Pure ozone used in the correct way is extremely safe and does no harm!!
  • Pure ozone is a 100% natural molecule, it is not combustible, it is not carcinogenic, it is not irritating to the skin and mucous membranes, it does not damage materials, surfaces, furniture, walls or fabrics and it does not pollute the water.
  • The molecule is very powerful and after the hyper-oxidant action it always transforms back into pure oxygen without ever leaving any residue.
  • In 1996 the Italian Ministry of Health recognized Pure Ozone as a “Natural Aid for the Sterilization of foods and environments”.
  • Ozone does not damage food (it is used by the food industry to increase the “shelf-life = expiration date” and its use is approved).
  • Even the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the US body that manages and controls foods and products used for their preservation, allows its use due to its ability to kill bacteria and molds.
  • For all sanitation treatments with pure ozone, the operation must take place in the total absence of people and animals, but in the event of a short contact during the treatment phases, even high concentrations of pure ozone are not harmful to humans.
  • The O3M devices always operate in total autonomy and following the instructions indicated in the user manual, you do not need to do anything else and you do not need to ventilate the confined spaces before returning.
  • After the action of pure ozone, all the pathogens present are definitively inactivated.
  • Some of our customers in Costa Rica have been using our pure ozone generators for more than two decades to sanitize medicinal herbs and coconut milk for shipment to the United States.
  • The pure ozone action of our O3M generators is amazing and reaches LOG10 levels without difficulty or compromise with inactivation equal to 99,999999.

Does pure ozone act in depth?

  • The artificial production of an O3M generator allows to reach high quantities of pure colorless ozone which in a short time fill the entire volume to be sanitized.
  • As already stated, pure ozone infiltrates everywhere, in any porous surface, passes through holes, interstices and arrives where manually you cannot reach.
  • It penetrates into walls and into all spaces, use is truly 360 degrees in the home and office, to sanitize vehicles, in public places, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.
  • It penetrates into cushions, fibers and textile coverings, seats, sofas, armchairs, pillows and mattresses, and so on.
  • Thorough cleaning of fabrics and surfaces can only remove what is reached, while with pure ozone everything is freed from pathogens, microorganisms and parasites and remains perfectly sanitized in depth.
  • Long story short, wherever there is air or water, pure ozone can be injected at saturation which inhibits and eliminates germs, bacteria, viruses and all pathogens present.

Can pure ozone be used in the presence of people, animals and plants?

YES, but you need to know how to program the generator!

  • All O3M devices have this feature and can do it without any type of accessory to be purchased separately.
  • The regulations in force regarding the quantity of pure ozone in the air for hours of presence / work must be respected to the letter..
  • You must rely on competent technicians in the field; we at O3M, with over 35 years of experience, know something about it.
  • It is necessary to know how to program the appliance taking into account the various types of furnishings, accessories, materials, plants, etc. present in the confined space to be treated.
  • The number of people and animals present changes the effect, these must also be considered.
  • In the absence of precise calculations and programming, expensive monitoring systems must be installed with sensors that detect concentrations in real time, interfaced directly to the ozone generator to fully manage all its functions and ensure maximum safety.
  • It is now clear to everyone, in this pandemic condition of “CoVid-19” one of the biggest problems, in addition to the daily use of PPE, is to find a safe system for the disinfection of environments surfaces and everything in them, because the virus can settle and in the presence of favorable conditions, it can remain active for a very long time.
  • To remedy this, it is important to proceed with periodic sanitation of all confined spaces and environments, as the safety protocols require, even if they speak exclusively of sanitation, eluding the details of how this must be carried out.
  • There are many applicable techniques but the least invasive and most efficient in terms of disinfection and sanitation is the one with pure ozone.

The ignored problem:

  • In early January 2020, the Chinese Ministry of Health formally suggested to all Western governments to use pure ozone in order to effectively counteract proliferation in hospitals and medical clinics.
  • In Italy the message was completely ignored!
  • Or unfortunately the Ministers of the Italian State of: Health, Interior, Civil Protection but also INAIL, ASL and many other private entities, in the most total confusion of the emergency, have given shape to their version on ozone which has distorted reality, making the dramatic situation even more confusing.
  • An advice: visit the international scientific site pubmed and in the search section write ozone, in this way you can see how many researches are carried out all over the world regarding ozone.
  • Try also to search for disinfection technology or water and air ozone treatment, more than 900.000 researches await you.
  • There are many people who still do not know or have not yet understood what pure ozone really is and what it can really do against the SARS CoVid-19 virus.
  • Pure Ozone can really do a lot to improve the situation and for this reason in the next few lines we would like to try to help and shed some light on pure ozone.

Technologies for the production of Pure Ozone:

  • Series A: Corona discharge and supply with pure oxygen >95%
  • Series B: Corona discharge and supply with filtered and dried air.
  • Series C: Ultraviolet UV irradiation – supply with pure oxygen >95% or with filtered and dried air.
  • Series D: Discharge on flat surfaces such as ceramic plates and thermosetting materials (it is not corona discharge), supply only with moist, unfiltered air.

Series A:

  • Series A generators produce only Pure Ozone O3 of the highest quality from a source of pure and dry therapeutic oxygen (purity greater than 95%).
  • These types of equipment are used in the medical field, in the food industry, in high-level treatments, in luxury swimming pools and spas and for water hygiene in big cities around the world.
  • Important Note: Series A generators do not damage or destroy electrical systems, boards and electronic components.
  • We manufacture Series A generators at O3M.

Series B:

  • Series B generators produce Pure Ozone O3 of high quality from a source of filtered and dried air.
  • They are devices that cost less than those of Series A and are the most used for environmental sanitation, in industry in general, in swimming pools and spas, for deodorization, for any high-level treatment and for water hygiene, but not for the medicine and not even for liquids and food uses.
  • Important Note: also Series B generators do not damage or destroy electrical systems, boards and electronic components.
  • We manufacture Series B generators at O3M.

Series C:

  • The Series C generators too produce high quality ozone, but “pure” only if they are fed with “pure dried oxygen”.
  • The production of Series C devices is very limited as are the concentrations obtainable.
  • UV (Ultraviolet Rays) irradiant fluorescent elements are very expensive and have an extremely short lifespan.
    • Important Notes:
  • The Series C generators destroy and discolor everything that is directly hit by the rays, electronic boards and components, fans, carpets, rugs and even any material and product.
  • UV rays are carcinogenic to the eyes and skin of living beings.
  • There are Series C generators with UV LED light source but they are subject to a high photo-degradation of the components and are incompatible with the constant production of ozone, mostly they are similar to toys.
  • We do not manufacture Series C generators at O3M.

Series D:

  • The Series D generators are all those that have spread a little everywhere for the low purchase cost, they are essentially all those that work with ceramic plates.
  • They produce “dirty ozone” using ambient air as it is, unfiltered and undried.
  • The production is drastically conditioned by humidity which reduces its yield by up to 90%.
  • As mentioned, it is called “dirty ozone” because its composition is 30% ozone and 70% nitrogen oxides NO2 NOx and Nitric Acid HNO3 (which are formed by the presence of humidity).
    • Important Notes:
  • Nitrogen oxides and nitric acid are elements that seriously damage materials, this type of ozone cannot be used for medical or food purposes.
  • Nitrogen oxides are irritating to mucous membranes and human and animal respiratory systems, while Nitric Acid is the main cause of damage and destruction of electrical systems, boards and electronic components.
  • Nitrogen oxides after sanitizing a confined environment introduce an unpleasant defect: Being hostile to health, before being able to reuse the environment it is mandatory to ventilate by opening doors and windows to the external environment = recontamination with what is outside , but also waste of money in energy.
  • The plates, “the generating elements” emit a lot of UV radiation (the beautiful blue light that can be glimpsed inside).
  • UVs destroy and discolour everything irradiated and are carcinogenic to eyes and skin, looking at the beautiful light is not healthy at all.
  • We do not manufacture Series D generators at O3M.

The efficiency of our generators has been certified by the laboratories of the Politecnico of Milan for industrial and civil applications.

An O3M pure ozone generator used in everyday life guarantees:

  • Total absence of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, etc.).
  • Elimination of unpleasant and persistent odors, many of which favor and attract insects.
  • A substantial reduction of parasites (dust mites, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, etc.).
  • Low energy consumption.
  • The total lack of nitrogen oxides and nitric acid.

Pure Ozone, practical solution to many thorny problems:

  • Pure Ozone is a valid solution for sanitizing closed environments, it inhibits all classes of pathogens present and gives the air a nice refresh!
  • The O3M generators are devices that guarantee Pure Ozone with high performance and are available both at 12 Volt direct current and 230 Volt alternating current, while the larger and more complex models at 380 Volt three-phase.
  • Like any machinery, also O3M generators are also subject to continuous wear and need an annual overhaul.
  • To facilitate the purchase, we offer rental solutions with installation, training, maintenance and insurance. 
  • The operational rental allows access to all applicable tax reliefs.

Can the pure ozone generator be considered an advantageous solution?

  • Of course, owning a pure ozone generator means:
  • Being able to endlessly reproduce “ozonated water” disinfectant liquid which, without adding other ingredients, disinfects hands with greater effectiveness than hand disinfectant gels.
  • Pure ozone has a very high spectrum of action and the total absence of contraindications, does not pollute the environment and does not need to be transported in packaging.
  • All the alcoholic solutions don’t get along well with our skin! Medical science estimates that cases of dermatological diseases will increase in the short term.
  • Stop buying disinfectant products to be used for all surfaces, which in many cases are not even applicable or have unacceptable costs and contact times.
  • Stop turning to external sanitation companies, (privately certifiable operation – in O3M we provide a specific course to our customers).
  • Conduct normal activities not limited by opening and closing times for sanitation.
  • Some devices with catalysts convert pure residual ozone into pure oxygen automatically and allow you to re-enter immediately after sanitation.
  • Have a sanitation system that works 24 hours a day in the presence of people, plants and animals that allows a lower risk of spreading the infection, increases the quality of the breathable air and reduces the need to open the windows up to 7 times to change stale air with fresh air.
  • For the user, do the simple cleaning only as he did before, because the O3M generator takes care of perfectly sanitizing.

Example to understand what a pure ozone generator O3M can do:

  • Terminator T2R one of the smaller models, in a 60 cubic meter room, it easily reaches a pure ozone level of 35.72 ppm in 60 minutes, an exaggerated value and not necessary to obtain sanitation.
    • Used correctly, it sanitizes the room in 12 minutes with sufficient saturation to eradicate all types of viruses and any other pathogenic presence.
    • The confined space becomes available again safely for re-entry after 36 minutes from the moment the generator is switched on without the need to ventilate.
  • GALILEO the model intended for the medical sector, sanitizes the same 60 cubic meter room in 5 minutes.
    • In a further 8 minutes, through the built-in catalyst, it converts the pure ozone residue into pure oxygen.
    • The chamber becomes available again safely for return after only 13 minutes from the first moment of switching on of the generator, always without the need to ventilate.

And the other devices that are on the market?

  • In Italy, in addition to our company, there are only three companies that actually manufacture ozone generators.
  • The rest is trade in products from abroad (China-India) re-marked with the Made in Italy for easy earnings, companies that import toy products that then resell for professionals.
  • On paper they are devices that dispense immense quantities of ozone but in reality they can barely reach the threshold of 1 ppm/hour, totally insufficient value for sanitation.
  • The value of 1 ppm is easily perceptible by our sense of smell, the effect stops at the smell, perhaps a mild deodorization is obtained, but not a sanitation.
  • They are almost always equipment without certifications and warranties and when they break, they must be thrown away because there are no spare parts.
  • They are mostly devices to ionize the dust suspended in the air and make it precipitate to the ground (changing the polarity of the suspended particles), the ions deodorize the air due to the marginal production of ozone, for 99,9% they are negative ions and the remaining 0,1% is dirty ozone.

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