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Sterilizer apparatus for surgical instruments, it works dry without steam or the addition of water or other products, without the need to bag the tools, accommodates large-sized instruments such as laparoscopic, very low energy consumption, very short execution times, maximum sterilizing level 99, 99999999% in 10 minutes.

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Sterilizer O3M-SRG

The first of its kind O3M SRG sterilizer apparatus is the result of a patient collaboration born in 2015 with an important veterinary hospital located in Banbury (Oxfordshire – England). The Dr. Veterinary Administrator specifically requested that each of their examination/operating rooms (as many as 24 stations), have an autonomous sterilization apparatus that could:

  • Run dry, without steam or the addition of water or other disinfectant products.
  • Obtain the sterilizing effect even without the need to bag the tools.
  • Accommodate also large-sized instruments such as laparoscopic ones.
  • Ensure very low energy consumption.
  • Operate with very short execution times.
  • Guarantee the maximum level of sterilizing abatement equal to 10 LOG (99.99999999%).
  • Sterilize tools, PPE and accessories between one patient and another without replacing them with others that have already been sterilized.
  • Avoid losing the cutting edge of the tools.
  • Be as compact as possible so that it can be easily transported for off-site use.

In 20 days we sent the first prototype and after only 8 days of receipt he confirmed the order.

The Sterilizer O3M SRG has improved over the years and it is now avalable in two models:

  • SRG 604017 with internal useful space of cm 50 x 30 x 12
  • SRG 805025 with internal useful space of cm 70 x 40 x 20

For both models the following options on request:

  • VT box to be placed on any flat surface with removable internal basket
  • VM box to be installed on the wall with conformable internal instrument hooking structure
  • AA operation with ambient air
  • AS operation with pre-dried air
  • OS operation with medical oxygen from line
  • OP operation with medical oxygen from a dedicated concentrator

Technical Features for both devices:

  • Structure in ozone resistant plastic material with stainless steel finishes;
  • Open cylindrical shape generation source;
  • Removable and replaceable source to facilitate ordinary maintenance;
  • Total automation of the cycle – the function starts by closing the door;
  • Door with time interlocked lock;
  • Voltage 230Vac – Total power 0,25 kW (250 watts);
  • Low energy consumption; 15 minutes of operation = 8 Watts.;
  • Made in Italy in Como; User manual; CE certification and legal warranties;
  • Power cord IEC > plug.

In the picture SRG 604017 R21 version

Sterilization: Intervention aimed at inhibiting the presence of any form of vital organism and for which a statistical definition has been recognized, identified by the probability of survival of one organism out of 100.000.000

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