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CAMPER O3 Smart Healthcare System by O3M

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Smart Healthcare System by O3M

  • Sanitizing system for air and water with ozone technology designed specifically for the sanitation of campers, caravans, boats and yachts.
  • High-performance device, it eliminates any type of virus, pathogen, bacterium, stench, foul odor, fungus, mold, spore, mite, moth, etc. very quickly, leaving the environment fresh, re-oxygenated and pleasantly deodorized.
  • CAMPER O3 has the following technical features:
    • Environmental sanitation up to 90 cubic meters, or 600 liters of water, both in 60 minutes only.
    • Box made of galvanized metal painted and plastified in white color (high resistance to corrosion).
    • Programmer for dual treatment functions:
      • in the absence of people and animals with automatic switch-off at the end of the operation.
      • in the presence of people and animals in full safety with the utmost respect for health regulations.
    • Autonomous distribution and recirculation with built-in fan (no additional accessory elements required).
    • Intubable fitting for distribution through pre-existing air conditioning and / or forced air exchange systems.
    • Remote control.
    • 1 watertight fitting to be installed fixed to the clear water tank for injection without necessarily having to access the tank.
    • 6 meters of flexible pipe.
    • 1 non-return valve.
    • 1 panel bracket with nozzle for easy access/treatment of the clear water tank without having to access the locker.
    • 12Vdc. power supply and total power kWh 0,004 (40 Watt).
    • Manufactured exclusively in Italy at our Como headquarters.
    • Instructions with table for the type of environment to be treated.
    • CE Certified.
    • Dimensions in cm. 25X10x18h.
    • Weight 2 Kg.
    • 24 month warranty for any manufacturing defect.
What does pure ozone mean?
The pure ozone purifier is a real Swiss army knife that does not take long to provide more uses than desired – Unfortunately the same is not true for a dirty ozone generator that will make you regret the day you bought it.
  • A pure ozone purifier dries the air and converts only a part of the oxygen into ozone which then returns oxygen without toxic and carcinogenic derivatives.
  • A dirty ozone generator (all plate models and those that do not dry the air) also converts a part of the oxygen into ozone but not having dried it before, it also generates toxic nitrogen oxides and corrosive nitric “acid” which will no longer convert to their original state, becoming a serious danger to your health and destructive to materials.

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