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Ozone Generator O3M T1-C

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O3M T1-C is an ozone generator manufactured by us in Como “Italy”.

To be configured according to your needs, easy to use, it comes with the instruction manual.

Some components are already selected (such as the power supply or the intubable outlet nozzle, etc.), you can choose whether to keep them or whether to remove them.

We manufacture ozone generators since 1984, for sectors: civil, health, industrial, pharmaceutical, military, etc. that solve even the most serious problems, where chemistry and science fail.

in the photo you can see the O3M T1-C generator with the stainless steel box and the nozzle where to connect the pipe to treat water and other uses

O3M T1-C Other configurations

  • It replaces the standard plastified steel box with the smooth AISI-304-B2 stainless steel box which, in addition to being more beautiful, is easy to clean and is resistant to corrosion over time.

  • Kit consisting of an airtight box with 4 refills ready to replace the filter on the generator when saturated. The kit avoids having to interrupt the sanitation for the necessary regeneration phase. When everything is replaced, you will practice a single global regeneration, getting a ready kit.

  • Practical timer with digital display and buzzer. It is programmed and hangs on the door handle of the room that is being ozonated. At the end of the time, the alarm will warn you that you can return safely.

  • It allows the supply from an oxygen source with a purity of not less than 95% (from concentrator or cylinder) - for medical, scientific uses, production of pure ozonated water or production of ozonated oil.

  • 5 liter per minute oxygen concentrator with purity above 95%

O3M-BLU Bluetooth environmental ozone monitor

O3M T1C Water functions

"Warning! The T1-C is only for the air it has no nozzle to treat the water and not even the pipes"

  • It adds the ozone outlet nozzle where to connect the optional pipe for injection into water, or to displace the diffusion in another area where it is not possible or where the generatorshould not be inserted, for example: refrigerator, wardrobe, shoes , objects, boxes, environments, vehicle interiors, etc.

  • 3mt. pipe * 45.00

    3 meters of ozone-resistant flexible pipe for injection into water, for displacement and localized treatments, or for other fixed installations.Min: 1Max: 3

  • Valve * 25.00

    Ozone-resistant valve, indispensable accessory prevents water from returning to the generator, which damages it irreparably (damage not covered by warranty).Max: 3

  • Diffuser * 10.00

    The ozone-resistant diffuser is an indispensable accessory to better dissolve the ozone in the water, by insufflation.Min: 1Max: 3

  • Kit of rigid and flexible pipes, sealing insert, valve and diffuser. Component necessary for the installation of a fixed line direct to the RV tank (motorhomes, caravans, boats) or for any other water treatment in the tank such as: mountain homes, second homes, spas, swimming pools, etc.

O3M T1-C Power supply

WARNING! If at least one of the power supply systems is not chosen, it will not be possible to use the generator and then you will have to purchase it with an increase in shipping costs.

  • To power the generator at 220V when you are at home or in the office.

  • To use the ozone generator in cars, motorhomes, caravans, boats, anywhere with 12 Volt voltage with din socket or cigarette lighter.

  • Extension of the power cable by approximately 2m, complete with socket and plug.


  • It adds wiring, receiver module and a remote control that allows remote on and off.

  • The molecular filter and the standard cell controller are removed, a sophisticated cell controller is installed in their place which avoids the need for the molecular filter.

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Ozone Generator T1-C – An Italian Product O3M by MAINO

We do not import ozone generators, we manufacture them ourselves – and this fully configurable is proof of that
this generator is not produced on the assembly line, it is a one-piece built from A to Z as you want it.


Basic features:

  • High performance pure ozone generator for sanitizing environments up to 100 cubic meters, it eliminates virus, pathogen, bacterium, stench, foul odor, fungus, mold, spore, mite, moth, etc. in few minutes, leaving the environment fresh, re-oxygenated and pleasantly deodorized.
  • White plastified metal box (high corrosion resistance).
  • Operation programmer with double function
    • Single function in the absolute absence of people and animals,at the end of the operation the generator switches off autonomously
    • Cyclic function in presence of people and animals, it keeps a constant level of ozone in compliance with the TWA-TLV regulation.
  • Ozone distribution with in-built fan.
  • Molecular filter that cleans the air, increases performance, avoids the formation of irritating gases NOx and NO2, Nitric Acid NHO3, Nitrites and Nitrates that are toxic for all living beings and main causes of damage to electrical and electronic circuits, chrome plating . The molecular filter prolongs the life of the device (with the choice of the VR version, it is eliminated to make way for advanced technology).
  • Main switch.
  • Ozone production warning light.
  • Very low voltage power supply (power supply to choose).
  • Total power 45 Watt.
  • Manufactured in Italy at our Como headquarters.
  • Instructions with table for the type of environment to be treated.
  • CE Certified.
  • Dimensions starting from cm. 20 x 30 x 11,5.
  • Starting from Kg. 2.
What does pure ozone mean?
The pure ozone purifier is a real Swiss army knife that does not take long to provide more uses than desired – Unfortunately the same is not true for a dirty ozone generator that will make you regret the day you bought it..
  • A pure ozone purifier dries the air and converts only a part of the oxygen into ozone which then returns oxygen without toxic and carcinogenic derivatives.
  • A dirty ozone generator (all plate models and those that do not dry the air) also converts a part of the oxygen into ozone but not having dried it before, it also generates toxic nitrogen oxides and corrosive nitric “acid” which will no longer convert to their original state, becoming a serious danger to your health and destructive to materials.

Weight 3 kg
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