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Pure Ozone Generators

from a source of oxygen or by dried air

Who We are

O3M was born in 1984 in the womb of the MAINO INDUSTRIES company to meet its own needs for sanitizing eggs incubated in Incubator and Hatcher machines, with the least impact on the environment, instead of disinfection with Formaldehydes in use up to that moment.

At the beginning, the design and construction of ozone gas generators was based only on the needs described above, and then became, over the years, an international reference point in natural and ecological organic treatments for the most varied applications.

Today, more than thirty years after its opening, O3M by MAINO has gained considerable experience and moves freely in the local and world market to meet the needs of many applications, both from the private and public sectors, but also from industrial, manufacturing, chemical, food, military, pharmaceutical, etc. etc. sectors.

O3M by MAINO has in its catalog a complete line of autonomous devices, intended for the treatment of both air and water, to deodorize, disinfect, sterilize and sanitize in the most disparate scopes. 

In addition to these machines, O3M by MAINO is always available to design and build machines to meet specific requests and ad hoc applications, for any sector.

Our Goals:

Understand your needs and providing quality products and services.

Made in Italy devices designed to last over time


essential modern lines to meet the needs of customers


essential and innovative in full protection of health and property

Research and Development

get where others don't, tailor-made programs and devices

Our Team

at the customer's service for any eventuality
Alfredo Maino

Partner CTO

Stefano Maino

Partner CTO

Roberto Maino

Partner CTO

Elisa Abbate



Completed Projects


Satisfied Customers


Positive Ratings

Uses of Pure Ozone

Most common applications, the fields of use are the most varied
where traditional science fails Pure Ozone stands out
All our devices generate Pure Ozone only

In Air

To sanitize, disinfect, deodorize, sterilize, reclaim, eradicate, etc., etc., both closed environments and materials, air portions, cells, climatic chambers, incubators, for all sectors and applications even the most impossible to solve with the use of traditional solutions.


In Water

For the hygiene management of swimming pools, SPA, tanks, for the systematic elimination of legionella and many other elements such as: bacteria, viruses, protozoa, biofilms, etc.


For every sector

To sanitize disinfect deodorize sanitize sterilize reclaim both workplaces, environments, cold rooms, warehouses, materials, air portions, in many fields and even the most difficult applications.


A safe way

Standard or customized machinery to satisfy any type of sanitization treatment in any sector.

Why choose Us?

Because we always understand your needs by providing high quality products
in full compliance with international production standards
in order to help you always obtain the best results with maximum efficiency and minimum economic outlay.

Very innovative devices that allow a considerable economic saving assisted by a better qualitative growth.

Service and Assistance

Technicians and experts who guarantee rapid and safe intervention times, management, and remote diagnosis to discover any problems in advance and intervene promptly.

Update & Build-Up

By producing, we always offer the possibility of expanding the equipment, machinery and management systems, without having to completely replace them.


Since 1984, the beginning of the production of ozone generators, to date we have gained considerable experience, that allows us to provide high-performance systems operating in complete safety.

Production without delays

The utmost respect also for production times from order to delivery, in order to guarantee rapid installations and the start of productivity without delays.

Company created in 1945
Ozone Generators since 1984

We are a historic company, known all over the world for the quality of our products and the high respect for all our customers.

Keep in Touch

We understand your needs and deliver quality work.
Here for you

We are here for your support
write to us:
Where to find us

22070 Oltrona di San Mamette
Via Roma, 42 - Como Italy
Keep in touch

Tel. +39 031 891478
+39 348 3424324

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