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Legionellosis Silent Killer:

Legionella pneumophila bacteria in human lungs
3D illustration of Legionnaires’ disease

24/07/2022 New case of Legionella in Italy and unfortunately the epilogue was the death of the victim link

Pools Disinfection – Pure Ozone wins over Chlorine

Bio Public swimming pool of 800 m3 which for 4 years has been treated only with Pure Ozone by O3M
Chlorine Bromine and other disinfectant chemicals don’t even know what they are

A 2015 article in the magazine “Water Conditioning and Purification” estimated that: The Chlorine used in a swimming pool without any other sanitary system is 85% consumed by oxidation processes, 2,5% is part of the residual levels, 10% is destroyed by the hot water in the pool, while only the remaining 2,5% performs the disinfection function. Also the Bromine percentages make us think: 80% is linked to oxidation, 7,5% provides disinfection, 2,5% is residual, the remaining 10% is destroyed by hot water and therefore, to obtain greater performance from Chlorine and Bromine in swimming pools and spas, and to pollute as little as possible, it is necessary to introduce a powerful hyper-oxidizing agent, more and more often it is Pure Ozone.

75% of swimming pools and spas designed today are sold with a Pure Ozone Generation system enslaved by a dedicated injection system, because it is not enough to insert it into the water, it must also be completely dissolved to do its job well.

THE SOUP: The enormous oxidation requirement of swimming pools and spas derives from the rich “soup” of compounds present in the water.

A well-known American magazine in the sector writes: the average person at a temperature of about 37 degrees Centigrade exudes about 1,42 liters/hour and with urine and sweat another 186 added substances including urea and creatinine, all elements that combine easily with chlorine-based disinfectants forming chloramines and with bromine creating bromamines.

A recent report from the recreational water quality committee states: Chloramines and bromamines present in swimming pools and spas are heavier than air, accumulate near the surface of the water and are transferred to users in the form of steam and aerosols. Inhaling chloramines and bromamines can cause respiratory problems such as cough and tracheo-bronchial irritation.

Chlorine in combination with organic acids creates a very wide range of disinfection by-products such as: trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids and other compounds that induce serious effects on human health. Chloramines and Bromamines; Reacting with iodides they form n-nitrosodimethylamine, a compound thought to be carcinogenic.

Comparison: Chlorine Vs Pure Ozone

COLORTending to yellowColorless
OXIDANT POWER+ 1,3 Volt+2,7 Volt
VIRULICIDENull and voidHigh
INTERMEDIATE PRODUCTSFormation of chloramines and chlorophenolsWater oxygenation

Swimming pool water disinfection systems:

The treatment of water for bathing use is one of the main problems to be solved and consists of the need to safely and completely eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, organic and inorganic substances in order to obtain pure water free from harmful by-products.

The worsening of the available water and the Legislative Decree 31 of 2011 in application of the EEC Directives has made traditional treatment technologies insufficient, this is because the various substances increasingly present, especially in surface waters, require effective sanitation such as to make them non-hazardous and easily removed from the water. For this reason, the use of Pure Ozone has become increasingly popular and important in the purification processes.

Achieving these results is made extremely easy with the disinfection units of the O3M-SWP series that obtain Pure Ozone to be used as a hyper-oxidizing agent.

Like filtration techniques, water disinfection plays a fundamental role, there are systems totally based on the introduction of chemical substances into the tank (chlorine is the best known) and other chemical-physical methods in which the oxidizing substances are produced from equipment.

SALT: The treatment with salt (tons of sodium chloride (the salt) dissolved in the water) disinfects the pool with the chlorine obtained directly in a continuous form using an electronic device for electrolysis that uses the salt present in the water. Unscrupulous sellers pass it off as a chlorine-free treatment, but in reality it is an electrochemical system that produces it directly with the salt water present in the tank. A further unpleasant effect can be bathing in a salt pool with very high chloramine content along with other harmful co-derived elements produced by the electrolytic system.

UV (ultraviolet rays): Water disinfection with UV lamps is very expensive, fluorescent lamps have a short duration (approximately 8.000 hours) and require frequent maintenance (UV-LED lamps do not work as they should due to technological defects). To maintain the disinfection of the water treated with the UV system, chlorine must always be added to the cover tank, the cost/performance ratio of the UV system is very low.

PURE OZONE: Pure Ozone O3 is essentially active oxygen. It is the most powerful natural disinfectant known and systematically destroys bacteria, viruses, spores, cysts, protozoa, molds and fungi, oxidizes metals (iron, manganese, etc.), it reduces poisons and breaks down fat molecularly.

Unlike other products normally used in POOLS and SPAs, Pure Ozone, nothing more than pure oxygen, does not add anything else to the water, does not generate by-products and is very safe.

The Solution = O3 Pure Ozone

The O3M-SWP generator is the device for the production of Pure Ozone dedicated to the world of POOLS and SPAs. Connected to the water filtration system, it allows to reduce daily maintenance costs and obtain a significant improvement in water quality with minimum energy consumption..

It is practically effective against all microorganisms and viruses present in the pool, even those that are notoriously resistant to treatment with chlorine and its derivatives (amoebas, cocci, fungi, algae).

With traditional chemical treatments, the oxidation of organic substances takes place directly in the pool together with the bathers, while with Pure Ozone disinfection takes place already in the filtration system, thanks to the very high reaction speed. The treatment with Pure Ozone is odorless, tasteless and colorless, promotes flocculation, stabilizes the pH and the water is added with smaller quantities of chemical products “practically absent if the pool is for private use” resulting in less irritation for skin and mucous membranes .

Pure Ozone facilitates the precipitation of iron and manganese and in indoor swimming pools, due to the reduced surface tension induced by the water, evaporation decreases and consequently also the relative humidity in the environment.


  • Very high spectrum disinfectant action with very fast effect
  • Elimination of algae
  • Viral inactivation
  • Economical service
  • Riduction of turbidity
  • Systematic reduction of odors and flavors
  • It makes the water colorless and crystalline
  • It improves filtration with consequent reduction in the use of flocculants
  • Drastic reduction of chemical products (total absence if the pool is for private personal use)
  • It avoids all the problems of supply and stocks of chemicals
  • Reduced quantity of inlet water with significant savings in operating costs, especially in heated pools
  • Reduction of chlorine and chloramine content recognized as carcinogens and primary cause of irritation and allergies
  • pH stabilization
  • Reduction of the ambient humidity rate
  • Maximum safety
  • Effectiveness even at low concentrations
  • Compact and easy to install equipment
  • Return of the image and added value
  • Living water very rich in oxygen bubbles comes out of the inlet vents in the pool
  • The O3M-SWP Pure Ozone Generators of Italian production are equipment that can be easily installed on any existing SWIMMING POOL or SPA
  • Pure Ozone is compatible with all disinfectant products on the market; chlorine, bromine, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, etc.

Pure Ozone to prevent the spread of Botrytis in greenhouses:

The microclimate of the greenhouse favors the propagation of pathogens and diseases, one of these is Botrytis Botrytis cinerea, commonly known as gray rot or gray mold which can also cause allergies, while in very rare cases and only for some winemakers it is considered noble rot, because improves the drying of the grapes.

The name comes from the Greek βότρυς (cluster) and from the Latin cinerea (made of ash) and refers to the ash gray color assumed by the grape due to its fungal propagation. The ideal condition for growth and propagation is any very humid temperate environment (such as a greenhouse).

The action carried out by the pathogen is incisive but casual and attacks the leaves, flowers and fruits of any vegetable grown in a greenhouse and if not controlled and eradicated in the vast majority of cases, it leads to the loss of the foliar apparatus and kills the plant.

As mentioned, the constant microclimate typical of a greenhouse that varies from 17 to 23 degrees with humidity levels from 45 to 90 percent, favors the spread of Botrytis.

Like all spores, those of the pathogen in question also circulate undisturbed in the atmosphere and reach any environment and also, keeping shutters and windows closed or installing air filtration systems at the entrance to greenhouses, unfortunately they are not effective methods to counteract the problem.

So how can it be prevented?

For prevention usually fungicidal chemical agents are used eg. diclofluanide, tiram, captan, chlorothalonil, which are administered according to the degree of propagation of the fungus, directly in the air of the greenhouse or by spraying on the whole crop and sometimes even directly only on the plants already affected.

Unfortunately, these fungicides, as well as many other plant protection products, present significant risks for the environment due to the release of toxic substances and their use is strongly discouraged for all crops intended for food purposes.

There are also proven researches that make use of natural products or fungal elements antagonists of Botrytis such as the fungus Ulocladium oudemansii which does not cause further damage to the plants involved, but which spreading undisturbed in the greenhouse produces anti-aesthetic effects.

High nitrogen levels promote prevention in tomato and cucumber crops, but are detrimental to chrysanthemum crops.

Copper sulphate (valid fungicide) is not effective against Botrytis.

Potassium bicarbonate can be used, however it is considered a plant protection product and its use is subject to restrictive regulations.

The removal of all infected plants and plant debris both during the growing season and at the end of it, is also a possible method to delay the appearance of new epidemics, but this practice does not always produce the desired effects as the Botrytis spores, falling into the ground are not removed and remain inactive until new cultivation.

A valid alternative to traditional methods? Pure Ozone!

To pursue true environmental sustainability and find a valid solution to avoid the use of chemical compounds and other ways that are not always effective, at O3M we have carried out some research with Pure Ozone, both by placing it directly in the greenhouse through special ventilation and humidification systems and by injecting it into the irrigation water with specific injection and mixing devices.

The results we obtained have clearly exceeded all expectations, with the total removal of both the Botrytis pathogen and many other pathogens and problems typical of greenhouse cultures.

ISS – Against CoVid-19 also Pure Ozone
neutralizes the spread of the virus and reduces the chances of contagion

Pure Ozone, in a controlled percentage added to the air in the rooms even in the presence of people, acts without poisoning and without giving shape to other problems, the operation is safe and systematically reduces the transmission of infections.

Unlike ionizing or ultraviolet irradiating filter devices that purify only the air, Pure Ozone inactivates the pathogens suspended in the air and also those present on materials and surfaces that already proliferate, increasing the risk of contagion.

More and more nations in the world have included Pure Ozone in the list of products to counter and stop the spread and transmission of the infection within public environments and on the means of transport used to carry people.

Attention! Pure Ozone does not take the place of mass vaccination, it is a sure way to reduce the chances of transmission of the infection.  

The use of one or more BREZZA O3M devices is safer than traditional spray, fog or aerosol systems, which also cannot be used in the presence of people, because they are dangerous for the health of the occupants.

Regulations: Pure Ozone must be used with great caution to avoid possible poisoning. Obviously this applies to any product or system, for example, if a doctor prescribes a cure that requires one tablet per day that is the daily dose. The same concept applies to Pure Ozone, the concentration data to be respected are available unilaterally worldwide and correct programming allows their use in the presence of people, without making any objections with other contraindications.

Here is the weapon to fight infections and contagions

Someone reading may draw erroneous conclusions against us, we are aware of this, but what we have written is not to speak ill of others “, far from it, what we do, we always do in good faith. At Maino Industries we manufacture incubators for eggs since 1945. At the beginning of the 80’s we had a big sanitary problem to solve in our machines and before choosing Pure Ozone and producing generators, we tried everything. Only Pure Ozone fully satisfied our expectations without damaging machinery, eggs, hatched chicks but in addition to sanitizing, it also deodorized the environment and reduced to zero the pathogens in the air expelled from the sheds. Since that day we are proud paladins of Pure Ozone, it is really a wonderful natural element and biological, does not pollute the environment, does not hurt, does not poison and does not kill anyone.

one of our patented devices for the management of confined spaces even in the presence of people and animals

December 22nd 2020 – UV Rays and Ozone
don’t be fooled math is not an opinion!

On the web there are devices that are sold as UV (ultraviolet) sterilizers with double emission light spectrum to kill microorganisms and to produce ozone, with powers between 2 and 10 watts. This type of appliance (toy) does badly both functions (it does not sanitize and does not emit ozone). UV radiation harmful to DNA and RNA (kills microorganisms) is emitted at 245nm, while that to generate ozone, is emitted at 185nm and for both emissions a power of at least 350 watts is required. The light spectrum emitted by the irradiating sources cannot be changed, but if it really were, even a very small error would determine the total ineffectiveness of the operation.

When using ultraviolet ray systems, important contraindications must also be considered:

  • Ultraviolet rays cause eye retinal cancer and bleaching of materials.
  • With an efficiency of 2 to 10 watts, the radiation generated barely reaches 5 cm.
  • The range of action of UV lamps at 254nm is extremely small, hardly exceeding 20 cm.
  • The 185nm UV-generated ozone is barely enough for a shoe box.
  • Producing ozone from humid and dirty air produces dirty ozone + nitrogen oxides + nitric acid.
  • The ozone is converted back into oxygen, while the oxides and nitric acid do not reconvert and remain so and toxic, irritating and carcinogenic.

December 9th 2020  
Dogs are the “most susceptible” animals to Covid-19 after humans

Dogs are the “most susceptible” animals to Covid-19 after humans, according to an analysis of ten different species carried out by a scientific team of the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG), reports in a statement this Wednesday.

The journal “Plos Computational Biology” has published the results detailing that ducks, rats, mice, pigs and chickens have “less or no susceptibility” to infections than humans. In fact, of the ten species analyzed, the first five – humans, cats, ferrets, civets and dogs – had documented cases of infection while no cases were detected in the other five species.

For researchers, understanding the infectivity of the virus in different species can provide “better information” regarding the adoption of public health measures. The CRG also highlighted that it can help reduce human contact with other sensitive animals and prevent the possible prolongation of the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Plos Computational Biology

September 15th 2020
Ozone and CoVid-19 Important information

Used responsibly, pure ozone has been shown to kill 99,99% of harmful viruses and bacteria (such as SARS) and can be useful in the fight against Coronavirus CoVid-19.

University of Trieste – Department of Life Sciences from data obtained with a research (project D4 Rizoma year 2007-2008) there is a reduction of the microbial load of over 90% with concentrations not lower than 2 ppm for at least 6 hours of treatment, while at higher concentrations the same result is obtained by decreasing the treatment time.

University of Pavia, Department of Physiological Pharmacological Sciences according to studies carried out in 2004, in a room of 115 cubic meters treated with ozone for 20 minutes; In the air, the bacterial load was reduced by 63% and that of yeasts and molds by 46,5%. On the surfaces the bacterial load was reduced by 90% and that of yeasts and molds by 99%.

University of Naples “Federico II” in vitro tests of the inactivating power of nascent oxygen against pathogenic enterobacteria and the absence of genetic mutations.

University of Udine – Department of Food Sciences prot. 219/94 decontamination test on flat surfaces of equipment used for meat processing in the presence of salmonella and listeria.

University of Parma – Institute of Microbiology tests to verify the sterilizing capacity on bacterial colonies e. coli, s. aureus, ps. aeruginosa, s. durans.

Ministry of Health – ISS Higher Institute of Health – Dep. Food and veterinary nutrition, protocols deposited certifications, protocol 24482 31/07/96.

Spain July 17th 2020 CoVid-19 also affects animals
The Aragonese region kills 92700 minks

The Aragon Department of Agriculture and Livestock has ordered the culling of 92700 minks after finding positive animals in the CoVid19 test. During a recent press conference, from the Directorate General for Food Quality and Health, the Minister of Agriculture stressed that he had immobilized the farm, when seven workers had tested positive for the CoVid-19 test, from that moment the monitoring of animals started, without allowing the entry or exit of live specimens and slaughter by-products. The Department has verified the company, confirming that all the requirements relating to the health of workers and animals and the measures relating to biosecurity have been met. It all started when a worker’s wife became infected. From there, her husband and colleagues were also infected, the first tests were carried out and the negative results were already known on June 3rd. The government maintained the immobilization by continuing to monitor the animals. On June 8th a second sampling with a positive case, therefore they decided to continue conducting tests. On June 22nd a third sample test on 30 animals and confirmed five positives; they did a fourth test on 90 animals and the results were 78 positive, equal to 86,67% of the sample. Although the path that led to the contagion of workers and animals is not clear, nor how the virus spread massively in conditions of compliance with health standards “the certainty was, however, that the virus was being transmitted among animals. PRECAUTIONARY CULLING! Following the results, the government has established the culling of all 92.700 minks as a precaution to prevent animals from infecting humans. BUT it is not the first time that major outbreaks have occurred in animal farms in Europe; last June Maria van Kerkhove said that in some mink farms in Europe “there have been cases of human infection“. WHO (world health organization) hypothesizes that the cases found in mink farms may not be the first and even if animal> human transmission is not yet proven, in Denmark and the Netherlands for infections between workers in some farms, thousands animals have been culled.

April 5th 2020 Pure Ozone for
HVAC – UTA “air treatment units” and in ducts.

O3M pure ozone generators such as T3 are suitable for injection into the duct to eliminate any unpleasant odor present in the air flows inside the ducts. When the air meets pure ozone, it is processed, deodorized and purified in compliance with the regulations in force in terms of safety and emissions into the environment.

Installation and integration in the whole or partial AHU system, only in the extraction hoods (kitchen hood, etc.) directed towards the outside in order to guarantee no discharges from unsolicited fumes, if entrusted to specialized professionals it does not cause damage and can be installed on both new and old pre-existing systems. Once the monitoring of concentrations has been completed, the systems work in total autonomy, eliminating any possible release that is not allowed outside into the environment. The same happens for the air channeled for air conditioning and oxygenation of the interior spaces, even in the presence of people, animals, plants and sensitive materials.

The most typical uses of T3 are: management of greasy odors and fumes in the food and hotel industry – Inhibition of odors and fumes in industry, for second-hand vehicles – All industrial uses both in the presence or in the absence of people.

Generatore di Ozono per acqua

T3®generates pure ozone plasma from dried air with true corona discharge
sanitizes up to 440 m³/hour or deodorizes up to 1.600 m³/hour.
O3 Pure Ozone is obtained only with filtered and dried air or dry oxygen. 

  • Stainless steel AISI3042B structure and 13 Kg. weight = long life free from corrosion and easy handling.
  • It works at 220Vac and consumes 150 watts/hour.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Reaction cell where pure ozone is generated, guaranteed for 5 years. 

The unfiltered and dried air co-generates corrosive toxic elements such as Nitrogen Oxides NOx NO2 and Nitric Acid HNO3 unwanted compounds that when mixed with fine dust become carcinogenic and also attack, damage and destroy products and materials.

The pure ozone plasma generated with T3® is one of the most effective and natural elements in existence; it does not mask odors, it eliminates them permanently and has nothing to do with UV irradiation nor with ceramic plate toys that are all, but certainly not corona discharge generators.

The O3M section, pioneer of the ozone generation sector, took shape over 35 years ago at still uncertain times regarding the use or not of ozone. Today the most varied experiences and consolidated global distribution allow simple installations with the precise purpose of total resolution of even the most difficult problems.

February 20th 2020 – Pure Ozone to produce ozonated Oils

Any air-powered ozone generator could theoretically produce ozonated oil,
but unfortunately it’s not as simple as you might think!

There are many people who hypothesize that these are normal extra virgin oils injected with ozone, but unfortunately it is not!

The ozone obtained from air as extracted, unfiltered and untreated, is partially soluble and when blown into any liquid it contains impurities, other gases and humidity. The oil saturation operation requires a very long time which can last several weeks. Such long times increase the amount of impurities, not to mention the ozone escapes releasing itself into the ambient air, becoming toxic for the occupants. Even our T1, T2R, T3 and Galileo models that generate with pure ozone from filtered and dried air, unquestionably better, are however not good for that

Pure Ozone from Pure OxygenO3M generators fed with oxygen with purity higher than 95% are needed

To produce saturated oils, pure ozone the gas must be generated from an oxygen source of the highest purity and quality (therapeutic oxygen) only in this way a high solubility is guaranteed – by injecting pure ozone only the results will be quick and evident.

Operation principle: An insulated tank in AISI 316 stainless steel, narrow and very high at atmospheric pressure, cooled by liquid and with a vent in the residue conversion catalyst, is filled with extra virgin olive oil. A ventricular pump feeds a special injection system that permeates to the maximum pure ozone in the oil with bubbles smaller than 5 microns, sporadically some residue escapes and the catalyst neutralizes it before it pours into the surrounding environment. An apparatus with these characteristics remains in operation on average 48 uninterrupted hours and the result is saturated ozonated oil with high purity, usable in human and animal medicine and in cosmetics.

For more information contact us by writing to link to form

October 10th 2019 – Does Pure Ozone O3 eliminate with proven effectiveness:
Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa, Nematodes, Fungi, Cellular Aggregates, Spores, Cysts, Biofilms and other pathogens?

Pure ozone plasma acts at a lower concentration and with less contact time than other disinfectants. Scientific tests confirm that it is over ten times more potent as a disinfectant agent than chlorine, for example;

On the surfaces of a kitchen, where the contact time of the sanitizing foaming product is at least 10 minutes before rinsing, the ozone acts immediately in less than a minute.

WHO declares that pure ozone is a very efficient disinfectant for all types of microorganisms, indicating that with concentrations of 0,1-0,2 mg/l minute a 99% inactivation of rotavirus, poliovirus and other pathogens (belonging to group IV of Coronaviruses) is achieved, therefore the use of pure ozone for the disinfection of air and surfaces is much more recommended than other compounds and disinfectants of chemical and/or natural synthesis.

In addition to great effectiveness and rapidity of action with the unstoppable decomposition in oxygen, pure ozone does not leave dangerous residues to be disposed of or removed by rinsing or airing before being able to operate safely for any processing, especially if of a food nature.

Pure ozone does not allow any surviving pathogens to develop defenses, which happens for all chemical compounds.


  1. Bacteriologically pure liquid of unlimited premium quality.
  2. Substantial reduction of calcium carbonate (limestone) – turns into aragonite.
  3. Precipitation of heavy metals and major pollutants.
  4. It unifies up to 95% more oxygen.
  5. It exterminates viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  6. It replaces and eliminates the use of bottled water.
  7. It prevents many diseases.
  8. It improves health and general quality of life.


  1. Complete purification and disinfection.
  2. It disinfects any type of food product.
  3. It eliminates any kind of odor.
  4. It sterilizes any type of object (baby bottles, pacifiers, toys, toothbrushes).
  5. Perfect sterilization of kitchen utensils, surgical equipment, etc.
  6. It disinfects and sterilizes all types of surfaces.
  7. It replaces and eliminates the use of chemicals for disinfection.
  8. It eliminates mold, the cause of many respiratory diseases..
  9. It exterminates viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  10. It prevents a lot of diseases.
  11. It improves health and general quality of life.


For more information contact us by writing to link to form

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