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Spare molecular material

164.50 IVA 22% esclusa

Spare molecular material kit for molecular sieve filter, allows 4 charges of the standard filter.

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Kit composed of molecular material only for molecular sieve filter.

Variable coloration from yellow (dry) to light blue (saturated), the color allows you to understand when it is necessary to replace it.

This kit allows 4 charges of the standard molecular sieve filter.

It is used already dry, replacing it with the one present when saturated, it allows to maximize the use of the appliance in the absence of a regeneration source (electric oven – microwave oven) for long periods.

The molecular material can be regenerated on average a hundred times, before its functionality is exhausted.
PS: The regeneration of the molecular sieve filter requires the assistance of an electric oven, an element that is never found on RV (they produce 230V electricity starting from 12V batteries). The molecular material (which can be regenerated once you return home) allows you to use the TERMINATOR I also on the RV.
Weight 1.9 kg
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