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O3M-SMA-S Molecular filter with automated regeneration

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Molecular sieve filter with multilayer air filtration and automated regeneration. Ready to install in any ozone generator with compressor. Component necessary to obtain pure ozone, it avoids the formation of NOx NO2 NHO3 and other volatile compounds with carcinogenic characteristics.

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1 Kg molecular sieve filter with tandem multilayer air filtration, drying and automated regeneration / dehydration. Module ready to be installed in any ozone generation system with air compressor.

Component necessary to obtain pure ozone.

Tt removes humidity and effectively filters elements and particles suspended in the air, coarse PM10 particles, particles, dust, pollen and spores >10 µm; Particulate PM2.5 fine / fine dust size <2.5 µm; VOC (volatile organic compounds), in order to avoid the formation of NOx NO2 NHO3 (nitrogen oxides and nitric acid) and other volatile compounds with carcinogenic characteristics and consequent pollution of the ambient space where the ozone generator operates.

The module is completely assembled, with all the components already interconnected, it can be installed in any position and prepared to be interfaced with one or more ozone generators. It is complete with the following parts:

  • Cylindrical or parallelepiped box.
  • High efficiency molecular bed with dry/saturated marker.
  • PM10 – PM 2.5 – VOC filters.
  • Regenerator Dehydrator.
  • Electronic management and control card.
  • Programmer with digital display.
  • Rearrangment pump.
  • Ducted H2O vapor discharge.

Technical Features:

  • Single-phase power supply voltage 230Vca +10/-15% @ 50/60Hz ± 0,5%
  • Total power 0,15 kW (150 watt).
  • Filters and dries up to 40.000 liters of Nmc air every 18 hours.
  • Nominal operating pressure Nmc, 0.35 Mbar.

NB: The dehydration regeneration has a predetermined duration of 6 hours, during which the filter module cannot be used. If your application requires a 24-hour non-stop service, you must choose the other O3M-SMA-T model with double body and tandem regenerative function.

Weight 25 kg
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