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TERMINATOR T2 ozone generator of moderate size and weight for application both in air and in water, against viruses, spores, bacteria, biofilms, algae, bad smells, etc. without other accessories or chemicalsEasy programming, very complete user manual and the possibility of treating two environments at the same time. We manufacture ozone generators since 1984, for sectors: civil, health, industrial, pharmaceutical, military, etc. that solve even the most serious problems, where chemistry and science fail. The results obtained with our ozone generators never make you regret the purchase price.

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TERMINATOR T2 is a professional level pure ozone generator, designed to satisfy any type of application, already complete with Molecular Filter, that allows the production of pure ozone and avoids the formation of nitrogen oxides NOx and NO2, irritating gases for the human respiratory system, of Nitric Acid NHO3 and of Nitrates, toxic elements for all living beings; Oxides and acid are the main cause of damage to electrical and electronic circuits and chrome plating.

T2 allows the following improvements in full respect of nature and the environment;

  • AIR up to 300 cubic meters in a single volume.
  • WATER up to 1200 liters of sanitizing water – or a swimming pool up to 6 cubic meters.
  • In the absence of people and animals, you get:
    • The most complete sanitation and decontamination of the whole house, of the passenger compartment of the vehicle and of everything present in them.
    • Ozone kills Viruses – Bacteria – Molds – Fungi – Spores – Protozoa – Mites – etc. etc.
    • The deodorization of the kitchen “when cooking strong”.
    • The perfect sanitation and deodorization of the refrigerator.
    • and many other benefits … .
  • It makes the water loaded in the clear water tank bacteriologically pure (purification).
  • Water enriched with ozone:
    • Instead of sanitizing products such as chlorine and all its derivatives, ammonia, varichina, amuchina, etc.
    • It is an effective natural degreaser.
    • It allows the reduction of detergents.
    • It allows the reduction of water consumption.
    • While it washes, sanitizes and removes bacteria and chemicals from fruit, vegetables and furnishings.
    • It removes biofilm from pipelines.
    • It deodorizes drains to nullify the stench of gray water.
    • and in everyday life, also for many other benefits …
  • Horizontal structure in galvanized and plastified steel;
  • Generation in a semi-sealed reaction cell fed with filtered and dried air;
  • Molecular filter;
  • Automated treatment management;
  • Rubber feet and practical carrying handle;
  • 2 fans of 195 m3 per hour (total 390 m3 per hour)
  • Voltage 230Vac – Total power 0,11 kW (110 watts).
  • Low energy consumption; 15 minutes of operation = 27,5 Watts.
  • Dimensions mm. width 235 x length 315 x height 285; Weight Kg. 6,5.
  • Made in Italy in Como; User manual; CE certification and legal warranties;
  • 1 emission nozzle for ozone resistant pipe to treat spaces where it is not possible to insert the device, such as reclamation for saturation at prolonged time + 3 meters flexible ozone resistant pipe + 1 ceramic diffuser.
  • Power cord IEC > plug.
    • Available options:
      • stainless steel structure.
      • double nozzle (as in the image) allows you to treat 2 vehicles / environments at a time.
      • catalyst rapid conversion ozone> oxygen.
      • molecular sieve filter – ozone resistant pipe for delocalized injection or in water.
      • automated day-night operation.
      • molecular sieve filter with automated regeneration.

In the image the T2, the color changes according to the availability of raw materials between red, white, yellow, green, and they are not selectable. Unless otherwise specified when ordering, it is supplied only as described in the technical features.

Weight 6.5 kg
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