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Medical oxygen concentrator 4 liters/minute

2,099.00 IVA 22% esclusa

Medical class oxygen concentrator module, 4 Liters/minute, adjustable emission, purity> 95%, ready to install and use for purposes where a source of filtered, dried and high purity oxygen is required.

SKU: Concentratore ossigeno 4 litri minuto purezza >95% Category:

Medical class oxygen concentrator, with adjustable emission from 0,5 to 4 Liters/minute, and oxygen purity> 95%, module ready to be installed in any ozone generation system, or to be used for other purposes where it is necessary a source of filtered, dried and high purity oxygen.

The module is semi assembled with all the components already interconnected and is complete with the following parts:

  • double column with automatic exchange,
  • high efficiency molecular bed,
  • automatic dryer,
  • closed circuit liquid cooling,
  • forced cooling fan,
  • double piston oil-less compressor,
  • air filter,
  • silencer,
  • adjustable column flow meter,
  • electronic management and control board.

Technical Features:

  • Single-phase power supply voltage 230Vac +10/-15% @ 50/60Hz ± 0,5%
  • Total power 0,45 kW (450 watt). 
  • Nominal operating pressure Nmc, 0.35 Mbar.
Weight 25 kg
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