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Line O3M RV


O3M VR Line of generators designed for the following sectors: Boats – Vehicles – Caravan – Camper





Deodorize and remove any bad smell without covering it

Eliminate allergens from the external environment in ecology

Disinfect – Sanitize without polluting with chemicals

True debacterization of the clear water tank and gray waters management




Basic model of O3M pure ozone generators.

For air treatment in a confined space.

Only 230Vac.

DEO program: Function even in the presence of people and animals, maintaining a constant level of deodorization and sanitation without poisoning.

SAFE program: Function in the absence of people and animals, it allows for effective and thorough sanitation without compromise.


Ultra-compact model that consumes very little energy, designed for fixed installation on board of TAXI and NCC (rental with driver) vehicles.

It provides continuous deodorization of the passenger compartment even in the presence of the driver and passengers.

By changing the program in the absence of people on board, it allows a thorough and effective sanitation without compromise.


Pure ozone generator designed to work directly at 12Vdc battery voltage.

DEO program: in the presence of people and animals,  it keeps a constant level of deodorization and sanitation.

SAFE program: in the absence of people and animals for an effective and thorough sanitation without compromise.

AQA program: connected to the clear water tank and make the water truly bacteriologically pure.

GRIS program: to manage gray waters, often a source of stinks and odors.

Extra: nozzle outlet for any localized treatment.

O3M T1-C

Ozone generator configurable for your needs, so as to have a specific device for both power supply voltage and type of accessories.

The basic version includes:

  • Remote control
  • 230Vac power supply
  • Extension cable
  • Intubable nozzle
  • Structure in galvanized and plastified metal
  • Carrying handle

Generic description: Pure Ozone Generators with Deodorant and Sanitizing function “disinfects, sanitizes and sterilizes”, production in a semi-sealed reaction cell powered by air with compressor, generation and automated management for single or continuous treatments “even in the presence of people and animals”, CNC-machined structures in galvanized and plasticized steel, optionally in stainless steel, with carrying handle and/or slots for fixed installation. Entirely manufactured in Italy in our Como headquarters, with certifications and warranties in accordance with the law.

CAMPER O3 is optimized for boats and recreational vehicles (campers or caravans), it works at 12 Volts in direct current (typical voltage of the batteries of the various vehicles) or at 230Vac with optional dedicated power supply (for different uses), designed to make bacteriologically pure the water in the clear water tank after each load, both from the drinking water network and not. For a real anti-legionella effect. To remove dirt and biofilm from pipes and tanks, To consume less water, To reduce limescale, etc. – Not just water, also for direct distribution in the confined space to deodorize or sanitize air, surfaces, inside drawers and wardrobes and the fibers of all fabrics.

Our O3M by MAINO Pure Ozone generators are usually used by the State University of Milan and tested to validate both the quality of the treatments and the total inhibition of bacteria, viruses, proliferations or contaminations, to ensure high hygiene standards, in line with the current health legislation.

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